About WAPJ

WAPJ is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers. WAPJ is supported by private donations and sponsors. For more info about our sponsors or how you can become a sponsor, click the 'Sponsorship' tab above.

General Manager & Chief Engineer

John Ramsey got his start in broadcasting as an announcer at WWUH at the University of Hartford in 1970. During high school he worked part time as a DJ at a Top 40 Country station in Hartford which made him realize that a) commercial radio wasn't for him, and b) he'd be better off staying on the other side of the microphone, so he decided to go into broadcast engineering.

In 1978 he earned his FCC First Class License and started his own engineering consulting firm. Over the years he has been chief engineer of WDRC, WKSS, WHYN and WCCC, among other stations. He had the pleasure of working with Dr. Temkin in helping to put WAPJ on the air in 1998 and has continued as the station's Chief Engineer ever since.

As of December 2011, John is also General Manager at WAPJ as well as continuing in the role of Chief Engineer. John also heads the Torrington Community Radio Foundation, license holders and owners of the station. General Manager of WWUH at the University of Hartford for the last 20 years, John has been involved in every aspect of non-commercial station management.

John is a member of the Connecticut Broadcasters Association's Emergency Alert System Committee, the Chair of Chapter 14 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the founder of the Connecticut Radio Alliance. Married with two grown sons, he lives in West Hartford. John believes strongly in Community Radio and is involved with many radio projects throughout the state.